About the Enterprijs

Enter price and the way there is the new top for entrepreneurship & students.
The Enter Price is a new initiative but actually a further development of a number of existing battles and prizes in the context of student & entrepreneurship.
There are many separate initiatives for stimulating entrepreneurship among students. On the initiative of Leeuwarden Student City we worked together and we jointly organize the Enterprijs.
The winner of the Enterprijs 2018 will receive a financial contribution of € 2,500 for the start of the business, half a year of coaching by Inqubator.
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First edition of Enterprijs

The first edition of Enterprijs took place in 2016. The election of the best entrepreneurial idea of ​​students in Friesland was won by the Unybox project.

Jury chairman, Thea Koster announced the results after a ‘battle’ between eight finalists in the Kanselarij in Leeuwarden. It all concerned business plans of students from the HBO and MBO schools in Friesland. Koster called the idea for Unybox, “a missing piece in the market ” in which people with a distance from the regular labor market are also involved.

Student Simon Dijkstra (25), who is studying at Stenden University the education of leisure management, supplies Unybox toys with matching children’s furniture to companies with a waiting room. BV Sport in Leeuwarden is the first customer, says Dijkstra.
The furniture is made by Werkpro, the toy comes from toy sofas.

Successful drone builder Custom Drone from Mark Woortmeijer (Friesland Colllege) and provider of surprise dinners, Surprise Dinner by Lucas van der Meulen (NHL) finished in the top-3. They may present themselves again with the winner at the Election of the Frisian Company of the year 2017.
Now the Enterprijs 2018 edition is coming up!