06 jun

Collegetour – GEOFFREY MOORE

Interested in new market development? Determined to make the difference right from the start? Strategy in an international context? Then you are obviously in for a challenge!

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NHL - Stenden
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International market development is challenging, but very rewarding! If you are successful…
You obviously need to have an entrepreneurial attitude, guts and an eagerness to learn! And that’s where this Collegetour comes in! Take a chance and meet Geoffrey Moore, learn all about how to be the gorilla instead of the chimp… Ask this bestseller author how to find the right customers for an organization. Learn how to use a captured customer group as a reference for the next.

In other words, learn how to become a market leader! So, if you are in any way involved with entrepreneurship, marketing, (international) sales, export, market entry or development. You really won’t have any excuse not to come!

So forget ‘enjoying the sun’ for slightly more than an hour and emerge yourself in this unique O&A 6 juni 2019 14:30 – 16:00 h NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences Rengerslaan 8 8917 DD Leeuwarden 400 seats reserved for students (free entrance)