Housing rules in Leeuwarden

In addition to the many events and now especially with LF2018 Leeuwarden has a lively and fun nightlife. In order to keep going out in Leeuwarden cozy and enjoyable, the necessary efforts are made by and in cooperation with, among other things, the hotel and catering industry, student associations, police and City Control. To ensure that you have a great time and can go out carefree, is also important by taking into account at least the following (game) rules:

• Cycling in the free bicycle storage (Zaailand and Sint Jacobstraat);
• Under the age of 18 you are not allowed to drink alcohol by law;
• From 3 am onwards no visitors may be allowed in the cafes etc .;
• Do not take / consume alcohol on the street;
• No drug use;
• No weapons;
• Always have your ID with you

Supervision of compliance with the above (game) rules is ensured, as well as to guarantee public order and safety during going out. It is of course also important to look after each other: Together out, together at home. Also take into account the people who want to sleep. Then everyone can look back on a successful evening out.