Studeren 13-02-2018

For all our International Friends and readers!

Howdy and a very warm welcome y’all!

You entered the wonderful world of Leeuwarden; the best student city in the world. Okay that’s personal we know, but we are very keen to share why we love it so much.
You must have noticed all/most of the texts on the website are written in Dutch which might be a bit hard for you to understand. That’s why we are very busy prepping the English version of our site.
It’s most likely that we’ll be ready in a fortnight.

In the meantime we’ve put some information here for you to read and watch.


Why the new look & feel?

You probably already know us by the name Leeuwarden Studiestad and that is still the name of our foundation. We changed the look and feel for the new campaign Leeuwarden Student City. The campaign will be shown in the rest of the Netherlands and eventually the whole world.  Through the campaign we want to tell people why you should see Leeuwarden as a student city. Current students in Leeuwarden tell you & everyone what, why, how, where to get the full Leeuwarder experience. Most information on this website is made by students for students.



So we are just wearing a new look but we haven’t changed.

What we still do for you!

We’re a foundation that trives to make sure that students enjoy and make the most of their time in college in Leeuwarden. We organize events like Leeuwarder Studenten Veldvoetbaltoernooi (LSV) (a field soccer tournament for students). There are always many students who participate in this, with much enthusiasm. We arrange a sensational introduction period as well Leip!Intro, Leip! Cinema en Leip! Festival. But we organize lots more events for you. We’ve put a little list below so you can already experience some of the events.

Besides organizing events we also provide you with daily information about student life in Leeuwarden. Last but not least, Leeuwarden Studiestad provides the service of a student sports card, which allows students to participate in sports at a very low fee. Want to apply for the sports card? You can find  the link to register below.

Leeuwarden Student City is an initiative and Leeuwarden Studiestad is a foundation, initiated  by NHL Stenden Hogeschool, Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen/Campus Fryslân.