Wanted! Volunteers for the Elfwegentocht

Lifestyle 06-06-2018

Beautiful cars, special vehicles in a sustainable parade

Are you always looking at beautiful cars and special vehicles? Then read on, this is really something for you!

On July 14th, a sustainable parade will take place on the N31 and  a part of Leeuwarden, for which they are looking for volunteers to support with:Registration, public monitoring and as traffic controller.The day starts at 8:00 am to 2:00 pm after which you are free to view the pop-up market.

What does the Elfwegentocht Parade mean?
All fossil-free vehicles are allowed to participate, for example Tesla, BMW and other electric cars and all vehicles that do not use a drop of fossil fuels. With all these vehicles, different world records are being tried.

What does the Elfwegentocht offer you:
– FREE traffic regulations diploma, these can be achieved by anyone above the 16 years and this is done on the basis of an online course (30 min).
– Possible free study point and /or social internship hours.
– A great day looking at beautiful cars and other special vehicles.
– Lunch for the day.
– Helping with the start of a sustainable world.

Sounds amazing right?!

If there are any questions please mail to parade@elfwegentocht.nl
or are you already enthusiastic sign up via: http://elfwegentocht.nl/vrijwilliger/

More information about the parade can be found on the website: http://elfwegentocht.nl