Leip! Deluxe

Uitgaan 15-05-2018

Leeuwarden Studiestad is introducing, together with the student introduction committee, the renewal of the introduction for first-year students of Leeuwarden.

The aim is to come to an integral introduction week in the future, as has been tradition for years in Utrecht, Leiden and Groningen. This means the introduction will begin on Sunday 26th of August, the Monday will remain but will be renewed.

Afterwards (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays), the colleges of higher education and the RUG / Campus Fryslân will have the introduction of their programs.
The ending of the first week will be on Friday 31st of August with an event where all first-year students are welcome.

Leip! Festival

In the following week, the entire introduction period of the city will be concluded with the traditional Leip! Cinema (September 5th) and Leip! Festival on Thursday September 6th.