Student life 27-11-2018

Social Animal



We are looking for a social animal ...a student who has a huge love for telling stories in front of the camera. About your own life, but also about life here in Leeuwarden. You are good with the camera and the camera loves you.

We are…. Leeuwarden Student City | Leeuwarden Student City is a foundation that strives to make student life in Leeuwarden as fun and exciting as possible. We take care of the daily supply of student news, organizing events, but also student sports, so that you can play sports in Leeuwarden at an advantageous rate.

In addition, we ensure that other parties have students on their mind as well. You probably know us from the Sportscard and LEIP! XXX Rumag Festival.

What are the job requirements?
You are good with text and words
You are good at coming up with creative concepts
You are a pro for the camera
You love Leeuwarden
Media knowledge is a must

What do we offer you!
Work experience within your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest
Media training
A platform to show your world and skills
A network with passionate people

Position +/- 6 hours per week
Hourly wage 7.50 per hour
Location: office Leeuwarden Studiestad
The city is your workplace

Send us your CV and motivation before the 10th 0f February in the way that you find suitable for this position to j.morgan@leeuwardenstudentcity.nl.

Please note that when you are invited for an interview, this takes place in the week of 25-30 feb.