PRIDE Leeuwarden 2018

Love, Freedom & Diversity

Well hello people! What an amazing PRIDE Leeuwarden 2018 we had!!
The day that was all about being yourself in our city and in all safety.

We would like to thank everyone who helped making this an unforgettable succes!
The PRIDE ARMY, organization, The Fries Straat Festival, The PROUD PRIDE Supporters, the volunteers, all the artists and visitors!
Without all of you there was no PRIDE Leeuwarden.

To prepare and excite you for next year we have all the photos and after movies in the links below.

Below you find all the information about all the activities.
Hier onder vind je informatie over alle activiteiten, 
the organization and the story behind PRIDE Leeuwarden. Click on the link to continue reading.

In short | After the first 3 editions under the name GayStraightParade we continue under the name PRIDE Leeuwarden.
That’s easier for the rest of the world aaannddd……we are very GRUTSK at all the Leeuwarders and everyone who’s visiting.
During PRIDE Leeuwarden we want to generate more attention for important 
themes such as freedom, emancipation and social acceptation for all genders.
Celebrating love, freedom and diversity.